How to Stop Yourself from "Losing It" During Stress and Crisis
The Answer to the One-Minute Personality Assessment (Goof or Nerd?)

Take My Fun One-Minute Personality Assessment

After reading through piles of psychological research and academic articles for today's post, and to be honest, feeling a little down about some of the findings, I've decided to write something a little fun and light. It's the first psychological assessment I ever developed - before grad school - and it only takes sixty seconds or less of your time. 

Also, PLEASE share your comments, so I know I have readers out there. I promise there is no wrong answer and it's meant to be fun... :)

Would you rather be a goof or a nerd?

I'll share my unofficial description of the two categories after I get some comments. If you really want to take it but strongly desire anonymity, go ahead and email me at with your preference. 


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Reid Walley

I am both a goof and a nerd! I am Yin AND Yang, because without the other I am neither.

Gwen Coker

I would have to choose the "or"! Both of these individuals have great qualities and benefits to offer. I probably have to admit that I am probably more of a goof striving to be a nerd.

Carrie Napiorkowski

A nerd. They don't seem to care about being a nerd...and most have the heads up because they are usually very intelligent. Plus nerds have lots of nerd they are happy within their own group.

A goof???? Who thinks much of a goof?

Hawi Moore

This is interesting 7 years down the line but I think Id rather be a nerd

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