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De-stressing Your December

The last month of 2006 has arrived and one cannot ignore the holidays and New Year's Eve accompanying it. Often portrayed as a joyous time, the season seems to trigger sadness and grief for many. Undoubtedly stress is high. Therefore this month's posts will be dedicated to discussing methods for de-stressing your December. This month can be high for heart attacks, so check out these heart warning signs by the American Heart Association. For complete heart disease and stroke statistics, check out their 2006 report. While suicide is not highest during this time of year (it's actually highest in the spring), it's still a serious issue. Check out the Center for Disease Control's suicide fact sheet. Further posts will expand on tips for de-stressing, but remember my 4 S's for now--Self-Express (talk, journal, art), Self-Physical-Care (eat healthy, drink water, avoid drugs and numbing self with alcohol, get plenty of sleep, exercise), Self-Emotional-Care (honor your feelings, love yourself and quiet the inner critical voice, allow laughter, find forgiveness, cultivate an attitude of appreciation) and Social Support (accept help from friends, group members, neighbors, community members, support groups, church members, etc.). Last thing, take December (and life!) day by day...


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