5 Ways Out of Anxiety
Cultivating "It"

Stop, Drop, Roll & Reassure

One of the biggest causes for relationship distress and an upset mood stems from our very own thoughts. We truly create our reality. Often the troublesome thought processes are so subtle and automatic that we never see the snowball forming until it's too late. We just see ourselves react in anger, judgment, accusation, disgust, panic, sadness and/or despair. Sadly, repeated forms of the same snowball formation (where one subtle thought leads to another and another until it forms an intense reaction) creates neural pathways in the brain. It then becomes easier and easier to jump to the same conclusion when presented with a situation or person (hence, the term "trigger"). Here's a simple example. You walk in a classroom and discover there's a test that day. You're not prepared. You begin to have thoughts that you're going to fail. You're beating yourself up for not being prepared and forgetting there's an exam. You continue this until you're absolutely terrified and frozen when the exam touches your desk. You're so scared that you don't even remember to put your name on the exam, let alone remembering the answers to the simple questions. We all have the ability to react like this in a variety of situations...especially with our loved ones. So, what to do? Just as you would if you caught on fire (Stop, Drop & Roll), STOP your snowball, DROP the negative and punishing self-talk from your mind, and ROLL with the situation via a positive perspective. Lastly, REASSURE yourself. STOP, DROP, ROLL & REASSURE...


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